Private investigator services for housing associations & property managers

Housing associations and landlords often have to deal with issues surrounding disorderly tenants, and gathering proof that a tenant is breaking the terms of the tenancy agreement can be problematic.

How can we help?

Bascombe International have successfully helped housing associations investigate the following:

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • Noise disruption & public disorder

  • Homes of multiple occupation

  • Tenancy fraud

  • Illegal subletting

  • Overcrowding

  • Property damage

Effective methods to build a case

Bascombe International will use the most effective techniques to support a housing association or property manager with their case, including our discreet surveillance and evidence gathering operations using state-of-the-art technology and professional witnesses.

Next steps

If you work for a housing association or property management company, or are a private landlord requiring evidence to build a case against a tenant, speak to a member of our private detective team on 01489 588 885 to discuss how we can help.