Supporting our local authorities

Through our tracing, evidence gathering and surveillance services, we’ve built a wealth of experience in helping local authorities and councils investigate and prosecute criminal offences under the Local Government Act 1972.

How can we help?

Bascombe International have built strong relationships with local councils in and around the Hampshire area by utilising our network of agents. We can help with:

  • Process serving

  • Evidence gathering

  • Background checks

  • Tracing a person / asset

  • Surveillance

  • All aspects of investigation

Quick and professional service

Bascombe International are regularly tasked with assisting local authorities and councils with the quick and professional delivery of legal documents, including court orders, anti-social behaviour orders or witness summonses, and in most cases we will successfully serve the documents on the same day as the job was issued.

Next steps

If you work for a local authority or council and require assistance with your investigation, speak to a member of our private detective team on 01489 588 885.